«Special Olympics»

450 handicapped children from poor families, nursing homes and orphanages in Almaty, who engaged in the program of “Special Olimpics Kazakhstan”, have received support from the “Rakhat” JSC in holiday holding for the Day of Disabled Persons. 1

Restrictions caused by mental derangements and obtained in the results of various diseases make these children not to be able to carry out even the easiest functions. International NGO «Special Olympics» implements a number of projects, which enable handicapped children to develop and show their aptitudes for sports, deeply integrate into the social environment. “Young athletes” held in September is one of such projects. Children of 3-7 years, their parents and volunteers participated in this event.2  “Young athletes” program is designed to train children in sport skills and to involve new children and their parents into the Special Olimpics movement. Participation in such programs enable children to feel themselves full-fledged members of society. The program gives hope and optimism to children for their happy destiny. Traditionally all these holiday events are accompanied with sweets from “Rakhat” confectionary factory, which is the long-term partner. Days like these handicapped children more acutely feel attention, warmth and care.