«Special Olympics Kazakhstan»

In October the «Special Olympics Kazakhstan» with the assistance of «Rakhat» JSC held the sports events for 450 intellectually challenged children. Limits, induced with mental disturbances, which were ensued from various diseases, make unachievable even the simple problems for these children. «Special Olympics» International Non-Governmental Organization realizes whole range of projects, which make it possible for handicapped children to develop and demonstrate their flairs on sport, thereby deeper integrating in social environment.

Sports occasion was held in Central amusement park and was accompanied with enthralling sports baton. These children need of considerable courage and overcoming of exercise stresses and psychological barriers, which are comparable with the common tested sportsmen on the Olympic games, to take a part on competitions. But it permits them to feel themselves as normal members of society, gives them hope and optimism to build a happy lot.

After the competition children received the sweet gifts from “Rakhat” JSC. On such holidays handicapped children especially acutely feel the attention, warm-heartedness and care of kind and responsive people.