Assorted chocolate is a mix of dark and milk chocolate in stylish packaging (80% cocoa products, 65% cocoa products, 45% cocoa products and 30% cocoa products). The total content of cocoa products is not less than 56%.


Food value (average number) 100g of product:
Energy value is 2300 kj
Calorie content 549 kcal
8,4g of proteins
37,9g of fats
45,1g of carbohydrates
Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa oil, cocoa powder, whole milk powder, powdered milk whey, emulsifier - soy lecithin; common salt, extract of natural vanilla is intensifier of taste and smell.
Storage temperature is (8-23)°С, relative air humidity should not exceed 75%.
Storage life is 12 months

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