To your health! Chocolate with ground nut

Slab chocolate made of high quality cacao with high content of milk and choice grated peanut.


Food value (average number) 100g of product:
Energy value, kJ 2086
Сalorie content kcal 498
Maltidex 41,7 г
6,8 g of proteins
37,7 g of fats
8,2 g of carbohydrates (polyols-free)
Ingredients: maltidex is sweetening agent, cocoa mass, cocoa oil, whole milk dried, peanuts ground, whey solids, emulsifiers: soy lecithin, Е476; natural vanilla extract is intensifier of taste and smell. Product may cause the laxative action when consume excessively.
Cocoa product content is not less than 42%.
Storage temperature is (8-23)°С, relative air humidity should not exceed 75%.
Storage life is 12 months.

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