Lemonade Mix


Marmalade in the shape of bottles and of taste of popular carbonated beverages.


Nutritional value(average values) in 100g of product:
Energy value 1357 kJ
Calorific 324 kkal
Proteins 6,6g
Fats 0,2g
Carbohydrates 69,0g
Composition:syrup, sugar, a water-retaining agent - sorbitol; gelling agent - gelatin; acidity regulator: citric acid; glazing agent - carnauba wax; flavorings - identical to natural; peppermint extract; food colors: curcumin, concentrate of radish, lemon, blackcurrant, concentrate of carrot and hibiscus; safflower extract, E133.
Store at a temperature of (8-24) ºС, relative humidity not more than 75%
Shelf life: 9 months

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