Set of chocolate candy: сhocolate candies and slab chocolate (in total 21 units 19 names), wrapped in labels.


Food value (average number) 100g of product:
Energy value is 1986 kJ
Calorie content 474 kcal
Proteins 5,0 g
Fats 24,0 g
Сarbohydrates 62,4 g
Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, vegetable fats (palm oil, soya oil, cottonseed oil, rape oil), cocoa oil, condensed milk sugared, wheat flour, glucose syrup, prunes (dried fruits), apricot (dried fruits), kernel of crude almond, kernel of crude cashew, cocoa powder, peanuts crushed, peanuts ground, kernel of almond, whole milk dried, water-holding agents: sorbitol, «Vanilla-ST10318»; dairy butter, ethyl alcohol, emulsifiers: soy lecithin, Е476, Е471, Е492; crushed kernel of almond, whey solids, hazelnut paste, corn starch, egg powder, neutralizer – citric acid; gelling agent – pectin; common salt, tincture of berries in alcohol (berries, ethyl alcohol, sugar), aerating agents: baking soda, ammonium carbonate; cognac, stabilizers: sodium citrate, invertase; aromatizers are identical to natural, intensifiers of taste and smell: extract of natural vanilla, vanillin; Е120 food colouring agent, enzyme (protease).
Storage life is 6 months

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