Assorted chocolate candies:

«Assorti» with fondant filling,

«Assorti» cream- brule filling coated with white chocolate;

«Aisulu» jelly filling coated in white сhocolate coating;

«Desertniye  pectin» – based jelly candies coated in chocolate coating;

«Sufle Chocolate» coated whipped-up paste;

«Prestizh» praline covered with waffle spread;

«Mechta» truffle paste coated with chocolate and chocolate spread.


Food value (average number) 100g of product:
Energy value is 2032 kJ
Calorie content 485 kcal
Proteins 4,0 g
Fats 27,0 g
Carbohydrates 61,5 g
Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, cocoa oil, vegetable fats (palm oil, soya oil, coconut oil), kernel of crude almond, dairy butter, whole milk dried, water-holding agent – sorbitol; ethyl alcohol, whey solids, condensed milk sugared, wheat flour, cocoa powder, gelling agents: pectin, agar; neutralizer – citric acid; egg-white dried, stabilizers: invertase, sodium citrate; corn starch, egg powder, emulsifiers: soy lecithin, Е476, Е471, E492; common salt; aerating agents: baking soda, ammonium carbonate; maize oil, glazing agent – talc; glazing agent – beeswax; aromatizers are identical to natural; vanillin, extract of natural vanilla are intensifiers of taste and smell, Е120 food colouring agent, enzyme (protease).
Storage temperature is (8-24)°С, relative air humidity should not exceed 75%.
Storage life is 5 months

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