Hereby to inform that on October, 27th 2013 LOTTE Confectionery received all the necessary approvals from the state authorities and finalized the acquisition of 76,25% outstanding shares of “Rakhat” JSC.


In accordance with the legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan LOTTE Confectionery announces an offer to aquire the remaining 23,75% of “Rakhat” JSC outstanding shares. LOTTE Confectionery offers minority shareholders to sell their shares of “Rakhat” JSC at a price defined as of today in accordance with requirements of legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan and equal to 6690 tenge per share. The offer is valid during 30 days since the date of the first public announcement .


Minority shareholders can find the details of the offer to sell their shares of «Rakhat» JSC as per below:



Company: LOTTE Confectionery, shareholder of 76.25% of the outstanding shares of Rakhat JSC Address: 21, Lotte Yangpyeong building, Yangpyeong-dong5(o)- ga Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Total quantity of the shares to be acquired: 855 133 shares (23,75 %)

Offer validity period: December, 23 2013 to January,13 2014

Order submission start: On December, 23 2013 at 11:30 Almaty Time

Order submission end: January, 13 2014 at 13:00 Almaty Time

Cut-off date and time: January, 16 2014 at 15:00 Almaty Time

Order submission method: closed

Order acceptance method: At the cut-off price (supposed striking price is 6690 tenge per ordinary share

Price: Share price with 2 decimals

Number of financial instruments in the order: Number of ordinary shares

Order volume: Product of ordered ordinary shares number and order price

Market order acceptance ratio,%: 0%

Payment date: January,16, 2014 (Т+3)

Settlement: Settlement is carried out through JSC «Central Securities Depository » in accordance with its rules

Payment terms: Payment of the satisfied order volume



Orders for sale of “Rakhat” JSC shares will be accepted through the trading system of JSC “Kazakhstan Stock Exchange” using the method of shares acquisition special trades by submitting the share sale orders through the corresponding members of the stock market category of JSC “Kazakhstan Stock Exchange”.

Please find the information about the list of members of the JSC “Kazakhstan Stock Exchange at http://www.kase.kz/ru/membership.

For additional information please contact the following representatives of IFH RESMI JSC:

• Amanat Iskakov, tel. + (727) 266 70 77 (ext.308), fax +7 (727) 266 70 77 (ext. 277),

e-mail: amanat.iskakov@resmi.kz

• Maxim Zankin, тел. + (727) 266 70 77 (ext.279), факс +7 (727) 266 70 77 (ext. 277),

e-mail: maxim.zankin@resmi.kz