“Entrepreneur of the year 2008”

The awarding ceremony of the finalists of “Entrepreneur of the year 2008” competition organized by “Ernst & Young” company was held in March 12, 2009. “Ernst & Young” company is an international leader in the sphere of audit, taxation and law, dealership maintenance consulting and business consulting.

The competition «Entrepreneur of the year» was first organized in 1986 by “Ernst & Young” company in USA. Presently the competition is the unique international program covering 135 cities in 50 countries of all the continents. The annual awards of the competition award the achievements of the business leaders of all over the world.


«Entrepreneur of the year» competition’s major task is to pay public attention to importance of business in contemporary economy and to show the entire world the vivid and talented entrepreneurs that really could be the model for next generations. Award


“Entrepreneur of the year» competition winners are personalities, that created world-class companies and able to compete with the best entrepreneurs of other countries on equal terms. In each country, that participates in competition the winners will be defined by independent judicial assembly, consisting of finalists of the last years competitions, independent experts and in the business communities well-known representatives. The winners choice criteria are the quantitative measures – dynamics of companies turnover growth, profit markup, jobsites gain and qualitative measures – innovation degree in the business practice, original produce creation, creative solutions in the marketing and sale, national and international market development degree, personnel development program realization.


Independent juries decision was that the winner of «Entrepreneur of the year» competition in «Leader of the domestic market » nomination is:


Anatoly Viskhanovich Popelyushko, president, member of committee of directors, JSC «Rakhat».