Changes in management of JSC Rakhat

Herewith JSC Rakhat informs on changes in the Board of Directors and Governing Board of the Joint-Stock Company. 
Extraordinary general meeting of shareholders was held 27.11.2013, where new members were voted into the Board of Directors:
2) Zenkov Aleksandr Sergeevich;
3) Youn Young Ho – Independent Director.
Meeting of the Board of Directors of JSC Rakhat was held the same day after the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, where Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Rakhat Mr. NOH MANG KO, as well as new composition of the Governing Board consisting of 8 persons was voted. 
9) Zenkov Aleksandr Sergeevich – Chairman of the Board, JSC Rakhat;
10) Son Jeong Six – Deputy Chairman of the Board, JSC Rakhat;
11) Lee Seok Leoul;
12) Rustemova Rimma Askhatovna – Director of Economy and Finance, Secretary of the Board, JSC Rakhat;
13) Kristal Larisa Gerasimovna – Chief Accountant, JSC Rakhat;
14) Kadyrov Ildar Nadzhatovich – IT Director, JSC Rakhat;
15) Dauletova Sholpan Altybaevna – Personnel Director, JSC Rakhat;
16) Belimenko Nadezhda Alekseevna – Marketing Director on Duty, JSC Rakhat.