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Information report for shareholders of Rakhat joint stock company on payment of dividends on ordinary shares of Rakhat JSC

“Rakhat” JSC in accordance with the decision of absent voting at the annual meeting of shareholders of “Rakhat” joint stock company (herein –“Rakhat” JSC) without holding a general meeting of shareholders of “Rakhat” JSC held on May 28, 2020 informs…

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Joint-Tock Company Rahat successfully passed recertification to confirm the compliance with the halal standard

“Association“ Halal Industry of Kazakhstan ”confirmed compliance with the standard Halal  217 product names of Rakhat JSC, including chocolate, sweets, caramel, cookies, toffee, waffles, as well as semi-finished chocolate production. The experts of the Association inspected all stages of production…

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Materials on questions of the annual meeting of shareholders agenda

Materials for consideration by Shareholders for absentee voting of the annual meeting of shareholders of Rakhat Joint Stock Company (hereinafter - Rakhat JSC) without holding a meeting of the general meeting of shareholders scheduled for May 28, 2020 Annual financial…

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“Rakhat” JSC supports medics

On April 4, 2020 “Rakhat” JSC, associated by the volunteers of “Aqjurek” independent initiative group, has sent about 500 kilograms of its products to four of temporary care centers of Almay city, including the: city clinical hospital No. 1, City…

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Notice on the annual general meeting of shareholders Rakhat Joint Stock Company

  Full name of Rakhat JSC: Rakhat Joint Stock Company. Full name of the executive body of Rakhat JSC: Board of Rakhat Joint Stock Company. Location of the executive body of the Company: 2a, Zenkov st., Almaty c., 050002, Republic…

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“Rakhat” JSC has launched a new manufacturing line for jelly in the city of Shymkent.

“Rakhat” JSC has launched a new manufacturing line for jelly in the city of Shymkent. The launch was implemented in a framework of the Memorandum of cooperation, which was concluded between the akimat of the city of Shymkent and “Rakhat-Shymkent”…

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Information message for the shareholders of Rakhat Joint-Stock Company

The Board of Directors of the Rakhat JSC reports to the shareholders in accordance with Article 35 of the Law of the RK "On Joint Stock Companies" the information on convening and holding of annual general meeting which will take…

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(Русский) Акция_23.12

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Pepero Day

November 11 is selected as a “Pepero Day” since this is the day of four “sticks” (11.11). This day is celebrated as Friendship Day in Korea on annual basis. People give Pepero packages to each other as a present wishing…

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NEW “Rakhat Crispy” delightful chocolate series

Which chocolate is your favorite one? Milk, dark, with peanuts or almonds? And how do you like the new chocolate with flavored crispy? Refined cappuccino, delicate caramel, bright notes of orange. Meet the new crispy batch, the delicious “Rakhat” сhocolate!

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