JSC “Rakhat” and the LOTTE Confectionery Company congratulated on a holiday “Nauryz” the pupils of the specialized children’s complex “Zhanuya” and handed them sweet gifts.2


The company has cooperated with the specialized complex “Zhanuya” for more than 15 years and for these years we have established the good, kind relations between us. All these years the “Rakhat” factory pleased children with its production, helped to carry out repair of buildings and complex rooms.

3 As a sign of attention pupils of establishment presented a gala concert to their “chiefs”. Children performed the songs in Kazakh and Russian languages, couples in a beautiful ball suits were turned on a scene, kids read verses, and more senior children arranged small miniatures and acrobatic numbers.4

With a welcoming speech the vice-chairman of board of the JSC “Rakhat” Mr. Son Dzhong Sik addressed to children and staff of the complex “Zhanuya”:

5 – I wish to the staff and pupils of the specialized complex “Zhanuya” the prosperity and further progress! I came from the Republic of Korea and I represent the LOTTE Confectionery company. I know that the “Rakhat” company has been engaged in active charity. We intend to support and develop this direction in every possible way.6  We like to make gifts, especially for those who need them. In the homeland we help nursing homes, orphanages, veterans. Here, in Kazakhstan, we expect to continue this policy. We are planning a visit of other orphanage next month, and we will surely expand a number of the organizations which we will support in every possible way, – Mr. Son noted.