Mission of the company

Our destination is to afford the gladness to people with our delicious products.

Our activity is directed on the maximum satisfaction the great number of people that are in need of high-quality confectioneries, cherishing the ancient traditions of the past, and being the most up-to-date.

We know how to produce excellent confectioneries, and we will upgrade for these purposes.

We want to become a company number one in the Kazakhstan and on the market of the Central Asia, embodying by ourselves the wealth and hospitality of our country for everyone in Kazakhstan and beyond the borders of it.

We want to become the partner to our employees, therefore we think much of every our employee, create the social oriented conditions for the labour, strive and make our company the place of full-fledged and prestigious employment.

To consumers: satisfaction of needs of the wide spectrum of consumers (wholesales, retails) in the Kazakhstan and abroad with the high-quality goods.

To stockholders: creation the effective mechanism of corporate and financial managed company with the purpose of transparency, sustainable development of business and profit earning.

To employees: increase of effectiveness of the personnel performance at the expense of more specifically problem definition and division of responsibility. Entering the system of motivation and stimulation of employees according to their execution of assigned tasks and to results of company activities. Corporate culture creation.