Hereby, LOTTE CONFECTIONERY CO., LTD reports that on December 29, 2018, it completed an acquisition of 92.44% of Rakhat JSC outstanding shares.

In accordance with legal requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan, LOTTE CONFECTIONERY CO., LTD announces the purchase of remaining 7.56% of Rakhat JSC ordinary shares and offers minority shareholders to sell their shares of Rakhat JSC within thirty working days from the date of publication of this announcement at a price of KZT 20 228,00 set as of current date in accordance with the legal requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Minority shareholders can benefit from the following offer to purchase shares of RAKHAT JSC:





LOTTE CONFECTIONERY CO., LTD, located at: 10, Yangpyung-ro 21gil, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea tel. +82-2-2670-6269/+82-10-9154-40559/ 8 (727)258-47-14 and owning 92.44% of Rakhat JSC shares


total number of shares acquired:272 013 pcs (7,56%)


date held:from January 21, 2019 to February 26, 2019


starting time for applications:11:30 Almaty time January 21, 2019


deadline for applications:13:00 Almaty time February 26, 2019


cut-off date and time:February 27, 2019, 15:00 Almaty time


method of submitting counter applications:Closed


method of filling limited purchase applications:at cut-off price (estimated cut-off price will be KZT 20 228,00 per one ordinary share)


price:security prices correct to the second decimal place


number of financial instruments in the application:

application cut-off method

number of common shares

by filing time

application capacityproduct of number of ordinary shares in the application and application price


percent of market application filing:0%


payment day for purchased securities:March, 1 2019 (T+3)


performing calculations:calculations shall be carried out by Central Securities Depository JSC in accordance with its code


terms of payment:payment of filled amount of order capacity


Receipt of applications for sale of Rakhat JSC shares will be carried out in the trading system of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC by specialized trading for acquisition of shares by submitting appropriate orders to sell shares through the members of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC. The list of members of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC, which have the right to apply for the sale of Rakhat JSC shares, can be found at http://www.kase.kz/ru/membership. In accordance with paragraph 2 of clause 4 of Article 25 of Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Joint Stock Companies” the written consent for sale of Rakhat JSC shares from the minority shareholder is the filing the application in the trading system of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC for share sale in accordance with the above conditions.

For all questions and more information, please contact Investment Financial House “RESMI” JSC, tel. 8 (727) 266 70 77 (ext.339, 341) and Rakhat JSC, tel. 8 (727) 258 47 14