Pepero Day

November 11 is selected as a “Pepero Day” since this is the day of four “sticks” (11.11). This day is celebrated as Friendship Day in Korea on annual basis. People give Pepero packages to each other as a present wishing to be healthy and beautiful.

The tradition to celebrate this day originated in 1994 in Pusan city, South Korea. It rapidly became popular especially among young people. On this day people share Pepero sticks with each other wishing all the best to their families, friends, dearest ones, expressing in such a way their love and attention. You can give biscuits to any person, whether it’s just a friend, girlfriend or favorite teacher. This is a holiday of friendship, care, love, attention and good relations.

This year on November 11 we’ll celebrate “Pepero Day” in Almaty underground and invite all Almaty citizens to share this holiday with us. Underground passengers will have lots of surprises and treats. In addition, Pepero sticks will be handed around at Medeu high-mountain skating rink on 10th of November from morning to evening.