Rakhat packaging

At the wholesale customer’s options the products, which were sold only by weight, now can be prepackaged into the transparent polypropylene bags with the size from 0,25 to 1 kg without changing of release price. This affords the additional opportunities and conveniences for retail sales to final consumers – from supermarkets to street sale, as well as for sales of the broad assortment of products, which are previously prepared in kilograms, to small-batch customers. The automatic packers pack the transparent bags with the accuracy requirements, welds are airtight, and improve conditions and increase preservation of confectioneries.
Moreover, the separate installation forms blocks of packaged products, such as slab chocolates, packets of biscuit and wafer, decorative boxes, in call-off quantity of packing units. Such interim packaging is claimed in completing of small-batch orders of more expensive names of products, as well as for discount sales in network retail.