On the 23th of December 2009 in the capital of Republic of Kazakhstan government rewards were awarded

On the 23th of December 2009 in the capital of Republic of Kazakhstan the science and art workers, entrepreneurs, industrial and agricultural employees, activists of social organizations were awarded with government rewards, in the course of solemn event, which was dedicated to Independence Day of Republic of Kazakhstan. Anatoliy Popelyushko, who is the president of “Rakhat” JSC, was awarded with the “Parasat” (Nobleness) order for his fruitful state, social, creative activities, for his valuable personal contribution to development and increase of the spiritual and intellectual potential of Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the same time the “Atameken Union” National Economic Chamber rewarded the citizens of our country with the high public awards for their special great services and assistance to develop the private businesses and market economy in Republic of Kazakhstan. Khilchuk Natalya, who is the chief technologist of “Rakhat” JSC, was awarded with the medal “Atameken” of the third class – «Адал кәсіпкерлігі ушін» – “For faithfulness to business”, for successful adoption of the technological innovations, for the technical rearmament of the company, which caused considerable increase of labour productivity, financial and industrial diversification, adoption of novelties, and output of high-quality competitive products.