“Kazbrand-2011″ raiting

From the beginning of the year 2010 the MPP Consulting agency has introduced the long-term project of evaluation of national brands; within this project the rating of most expensive brands of Kazakhstan has been created this year.

The main goal of “Kazbrand-2011″ raiting is to define 50 most expensive brands of Kazakhstan and current market values of these brands. Rating includes brands only made in Kazakhstan or for products (services) of Kazakhstan, in spite of the fact that these brands entered the world markets later.

Third place of the brands rating was given to the candies of “Rakhat” JSC after the brands of “Karagandinskoe” beer and BTA Bank.

“Kazbrand-2011” is the first rating of brands of Kazakhstan and the first rating of national brands, which are planned to be published by MPP Consulting agency in 2011.